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The Easiest Book to Hold

Whether you're on the train, bus, or subway, you'll never again have to grab a book from your bag again. Wear Reader lets you read books straight from your wrist while you're on the go. Simply upload your favorite book to your Android device, attach your Android wear, and you're ready to read!

Never Miss a Word

Missed a spot and have to go back? No problem! Simply scrub up and down on the screen to rewind and fast forward. Tap to pause the stream to take a break and see how you are doing, and tap again to resume.

Read in the Dark

Keep up with your favorite stories even at night! WearReader for Android wear includes a night mode that allows you to read in the dark without tiring your eyes.


No ads. No pay-to-use. No in-app purchases. No spyware. Android Wear Reader is free to use. Currently supports ePub, DOCX (Microsoft© Word), PDF, and text documents (.txt, .html, etc.).

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